Modern Atlas helps map-loving travelers plan adventures on iPhone and iPad

San Francisco, June 14, 2016 — Modern Atlas is a new app created by indie app developer Eric Wolfe for curious travelers to make the most of their upcoming trips by discovering and bookmarking unique places to explore.

Modern Atlas is, at its core, a comprehensive and interactive atlas of places, bringing travelers guides covering 1.5 million places of interest from Wikipedia and over 21,000 cities, parks, and countries from Wikivoyage, a sister site to Wikipedia with travel guides anyone can edit.

Travelers can uncover hidden gems by pinching and panning the maps through parks and alleyways, explore cities with virtual 3D flyovers, find photo inspiration from photographers all over the world, or simply search for the famous landmark or hip new restaurant mentioned repeatedly by friends.

"The goal of Modern Atlas is to both mimic and augment the feeling of wandering around a new city and stumbling on a special spot," Wolfe described. "You should never have to leave a place with the question 'I wonder what that was?' unanswered."

Travelers can bookmark the places they discover and create custom trip maps, which they can use once they've arrived at their destination. And, if they've preloaded the maps and guides beforehand, the app even works offline.

Interested travelers can download Modern Atlas today to plan out their summer trips. The app is available in the App Store for $0.99 and is on sale at 80% off for a limited time.

About Eric Wolfe

Eric Wolfe is a solo, indie app developer also known for his popular app Footpath Route Planner, one of the top Navigation apps in the App Store and featured frequently by Apple as one of the best apps for running and the outdoors. Wolfe, who was also the first engineer for the outdoors startup AllTrails, tends to focus his efforts around building products that help people get out and explore the world.

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